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Course Overview

One of the hottest course in IT sector, Cisco Cyber Security Fundamentals is a foundation course in Security. The course offers the knowledge and skills to gain an understanding of the TCP/IP suite, common security and basic cryptography concepts, network infrastructure and applications, and the different types of attacks.  You will also learn the basic security techniques used in a security operations center (SOC) to find threats on a network using a variety of popular security tools within a “real-life” network infrastructure.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of cyber security fundamentals course, you should be able to:

  • Describe, compare, and identify various network concepts
  • Describe the fundamentals of TCP/IP
  • Describe and compare fundamental security concepts
  • Describe network applications and their security challenges
  • Describe basic cryptography principles
  • Understand endpoint attacks, including interpreting log data to identify events in Windows and Linux
  • Develop knowledge in security monitoring, including identifying sources and types of data and events
  • Must have completed CCNA Routing and Switching Course
Course Content
  • Understanding the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Understanding the Network Infrastructure
  • Understanding the Network Infrastructure
  • Understanding the Network Infrastructure
  • Understanding Basic Cryptography Concepts
  • Describing Information Security Concepts
  • Understanding Network Applications
  • Understanding Common Network Application Attacks
  • Understanding Windows Operating System Basics
  • Understanding Linux Operating System Basics
  • Understanding Common Endpoint Attacks
  • Understanding Network Security Technologies
  • Understanding Endpoint Security Technologies
  • Describing Security Data Collection
  • Describing Security Event Analysis

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