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Course Overview

Qualifying credential for technical support and IT operations professionals, CompTIA A+ certification course offers hands-on experience with modern personal computer hardware. Graduates will be able to install, upgrade, repair, assemble, configure, optimize, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance on basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of CompTIA A+, students will be able to:

  • Identify the hardware components of a computer.
  • Identify the basic components and functions of an operating system.
  • Identify the operational procedures that should be followed by PC technicians.
  • Identify and configure peripheral components.
  • Manage system components.
  • Identify and configure operating systems.
  • Identify the hardware and software requirements for custom client environments.
  • Identify network technologies.
  • Identify, configure, and maintain SOHO networks.
  • Support laptops.
  • Configure mobile computing devices.
  • Support printers.
  • Implement concepts and techniques used to secure computing devices and environments.
  • Troubleshoot hardware components.
  • Must have basic computer literacy
Course Content
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Working Inside a Computer
  • Introduction to Windows Operating Systems
  • Motherboards
  • Processors and Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Installing Windows
  • Supporting I/O and Storage Devices
  • Professionalism
  • Custom Configuration
  • Maintaining Windows
  • Optimizing Windows
  • Troubleshooting Windows and Applications
  • Troubleshooting Hardware Issues Part 1
  • Troubleshooting Hardware Issues Part 2
  • Troubleshooting Windows Startup Problems
  • TCP/IP
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Managing Resources on a Network
  • Security
  • Supporting Notebooks
  • Mobile Devices
  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Supporting Printers
  • Troubleshooting System-Wide Issues

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